Sunday, December 5, 2010

Biology...Chapter 3

Definitions:  Adaptive radiation-Development of a # of new species from a common ancestor, new species are adapted to inhabit different niches.->invasive species-introduced organisms that can take over the habitats of native species or invade their bodies
Ecosystems constantly changing cause of 1. Weather changes, population changes, competition adaptations and symbiotic relationships->things can happen that will ruin eco systems.
Natural occurring                                                   Man made inflicted
1. Forest fires tsunamis                        1. agriculture land use                
2. Drought                                            2. de-forestations
3. flooding                                            3. urban development
4. Insect infestations                            4. invasive species
5. Disease                                             5. mining
6. earthquake
Disasters will destroy biotic factors but               Destroy both abiotic and biotic factors,
Not harm a biotic factor (primary                       (primary succession must occur before
Succession will not occur only secondary)             secondary can happen

1. Disaster removes soil first thing to happen is Primary Succession  a)  Weathering by wind creates sand & silt in certain place  b)  erosion by water wears away rocks into sand deposit sand in different places  c)  something has to be there to hold stuff in place ***pioneer species*** first plants and animals in that area, lichens mosses, grasses
2. secondary succession   a)  plants variety gets bigger, grasses turn into shrubs and trees   b)  plant life -> bigger, more variety, same happen to animals  c)  plant life gets bigger, soil gets thicker  d) s.s produces bigger biodiversity after can not get bigger or better
3. climax community reached determined by:  a) abiotic factors   b) adaptive radiation or natural selection that has occurred 
3. natural selection:  environment that sourround the area that was devastated
      4.     100 years to go from primary succession to climax community at least 90 years will be spent in primary succession.
        5.      Also occur when a pond or small lake builds up with dead stuff covered with silt sand->p.s occurs until pond fills up completely, s. s begins when plants grow where water used to be---natural disaster:  nature can repair it easily->sustainability:  maintain population, biodiversity, natural resources everything lasts for long periods of time->man made inflicted disasters:  take longer, sustainability is not guaranteed, but can happen if used with precaution---sustainability:  what society needs in everything done
1. agriculture
2. deforestation
3. mining
4. urban development
5. invasive species

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