Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hair Talk

Hopefull by next summer my hair will be long enouh to cut it at the right length.  I would like to color it reddish brown, and have the longest layer at the belly button, and the secod layer just under the bust, with side swept bangs.  I want to cut it and color it before i go bac innto school, so it would be a schocker and a new way to start off the year but i also want it done before i go to camp, too look good...i'lll pick a date.  Long hair you can do so much with it, you can have it straight like the picture, or braid it as a fishtail braid, have it wavy or curly!!!!  I still have another 8 inches to go, but i'm use Castor Oil to make it healthier and grow longer christmas i'll tell you the length it has grown

My Fashion FAV's

Bat wing Dress

Casual slouchy top

Short Denim shorts

Leather Buttoned jacket

Leather Vest

Lights wolf T

Black strapy heels

Custeygirl buckle calf brown boot

Cutseygirl calf leather black boot

Leather ankle boots

Chandelier earrings

Forever 21 oval laquered ring
Brown woven waist belt